A swimming pool located on private property having a depth of more than two feet shall either be enclosed itself or the rear yard shall be enclosed with a secure type fence not less than four feet in heights; such fence shall have an approved self-closing mechanism on a walk-in gate.  A drive-in or a walk-in type gate must have a provision in its latch for a padlock or the gate shall be provided with other approved locking facilities. For the protection of the general public, swimming pools shall be subject to the following standards: 
   (a)   Swimming pools shall maintain a distance of not less than six feet from any enclosing fence, wall and/or adjacent property line or structure.
   (b)   No swimming pool shall be constructed or maintained unless such swimming pool is entirely enclosed by a building, wall and/or fence.  The fence or wall shall be designed and constructed so as to make the pool inaccessible to children by climbing or entering through the fence openings.
   (c)   The minimum height of all parts of a fence or wall, including gates, shall be four feet, and the maximum height shall be six feet, measured from grade, for all pools.
   (d)   Above-ground swimming pools shall either be enclosed in the same manner as required for in-ground swimming pools provided above, or, alternatively shall be enclosed with an integral fence securely attached to the top rail of the swimming pool.
   (e)   Gates shall be of a self-closing and latching type, with the latch on the inside of the gate not readily accessible for children to open.  Gates shall be capable of being securely locked when the pool is not in use for extended periods.  Provided, however, that if the entire premises are enclosed with a fence or wall of not less than four feet in height above grade level, this provision may be waived by the Building and Engineering Department.
(Ord. 1993-19.  Passed 10-19-93; Ord. 2006-09.  Passed 6-20-06.)