Except as may otherwise be specified in this chapter, fences shall comply with the following standards:
   (a)   General Requirements.
      (1)   Fences shall not exceed six feet in height, measured from grade, except that industrial fences may reach a maximum height, measured from grade of eight feet.
      (2)   Fences shall not obstruct vision to an extent greater than twenty-five percent of their total area.
      (3)   Fences shall not be constructed nearer the street than the front building line of the principal building on the site or the building setback line of vacant business and industrial lots.  On corner lots, fencing may be erected along the side street property line no further than the front building line of the principal building.
      (4)   No fence shall be constructed nearer the street than the front bearing wall of a structure or the building set-back line of vacant lots.  In those cases where a structure is set on the rear portion of a lot, a fence may be constructed at the building set-back line of the adjacent properties or the twenty-five foot set-back line, whichever is greater.
      (5)   However, such restriction shall not apply to public playfields, parking lots, parks, school grounds, recreation areas or public alleys. 
   (b)   Materials Recovery Operators.  Any person whose principal business is that of a materials recovery operator, or who is operating or conducting a place for the dismantling of automobiles, using a yard or enclosure other than a building for the purpose of storing and/or having on hand any secondhand articles, junk, automobiles for dismantling or dismantled parts of automobiles, shall, unless a waiver is obtained pursuant to Section 832.15 of the Business Regulations and Taxation Code, erect and maintain a fence made of board corrugated sheet metal or chain-link with metal inside and against the chain-link, of a height of eight feet, which fence must be painted on the outside and kept and maintained in repair.  On those sides adjacent to railroad property, a chain-link or galvanized steel fence of a height of not less than six feet may be used. 
   (c)   Hedges. Hedges beyond the front building line shall not exceed two and one-half feet in height above grade unless otherwise provided for in this chapter.  A hedge is defined as small trees planted to make a wall or a dense row of shrubs.
   (d)   Basin, Tub, Detention or Retention Basins.  A basin, tub or a detention or retention basin having a depth of more than two feet shall be enclosed with a secure type fence not less than four feet in height. Such fence shall have an approved self-closing mechanism on a walk-in gate.  A drive-in or a walk-in type gate must have a provision in its latch for a padlock or the gate shall be provided with other approved locking facilities.
(Ord. 1993-19.  Passed 10-19-93; Ord. 2001-01.  Passed 1-2-01; Ord. 2006-09.  Passed 6-20-06.)