(a)   General Requirements.  Except as may be otherwise specified within this chapter, fences in all Residential Districts shall not:
      (1)   Exceed six feet in height, measured from the grade.  In the event that a variance is granted and a second parallel fence is added, then and in that event an additional six inches of fence height may be permitted. The purpose of allowing this additional height is to provide an open space of six inches at the base of the fence to allow for property maintenance. 
(Ord. 2006-20.  Passed 10-3-06.)
      (2)   Be constructed nearer the street than the front bearing wall of an existing dwelling or the building setback line of vacant residential lots.
          A.   In those cases where a dwelling is set on the rear portion of a lot, a fence may be constructed at the building setback line of the adjacent properties, or twenty-five feet, whichever is greater. 
         B.   On corner lots, fencing may be erected along the side street property lines no further toward the front lot line than the rear building line, except that a side entrance may be included in such fencing.
         C.   However, such restriction shall not apply to public playfields, parking lots, parks, school grounds, recreation areas or public alleys.
      (3)   Chain link fences shall not exceed 4 feet in height, except as noted in paragraph (c).
   (b)   Decorative Fencing.  Decorative fences shall be permitted in a front yard no closer than three feet to any property line or sidewalk where they do not exceed 30 inches in height and the vertical surface in any five-foot section measured from the finished ground grade to the top of the fence has openings of at least fifty percent of the total surface of each five-foot section of fence, and all framing members, including posts, horizontal or vertical supports and fencing, are to be considered in the calculations.  The fence must be kept in a sound condition as determined by the Building Official.
   (c)   Heights Exceptions. In cases of residential lots abutting public, commercial or industrial alleys or properties, public playing fields, parking lots, parks, school grounds or recreation areas, approved fences not exceeding six feet in height may be erected and maintained along side or rear lot lines abutting such alleys or properties.
(Ord. 1993-19.  Passed 10-19-93; Ord. 2006-09.  Passed 6-20-06.)