(a)   Required.  No person shall build or relocate a fence in the City without first having obtained a zoning permit from the Building and Engineering Department.  Applications for fence permits shall be made upon forms provided by the Building and Engineering Department and shall contain or have attached thereto the following information:
      (1)   The name, address and telephone number of the applicant;
      (2)   The location of the building, structure or lot to which or upon which the fence is to be attached or erected;
      (3)   The position of the fence in relation to nearby buildings or structures and property lines;
      (4)   Two blueprints or ink drawings of the plans and specifications and of the method of construction of the fence including the kind and size of posts, and the kind(s) of materials with which the fence is to be constructed.  The proposed length and height of the fence shall also be provided.
      (5)   The name of the person, firm, corporation or association erecting the structure or fence.
      (6)   Written consent of the owner of the building, structure, fence or land to which or on which the structure is to be erected; and
      (7)   Such other information as the Building and Engineering Department shall require to show full compliance with this Zoning Code.
   (b)   Review and Revocation.  It shall be the duty of the Building and Engineering Department upon the filing of an application for a permit, to examine such plans and specifications and other data and the premises upon which the fence is proposed to be erected, and if it shall appear that the proposed fence is in compliance with all the requirements of this chapter and all other laws and ordinances of the City, it shall then issue the fence permit.  If the work authorized under a fence permit has not been completed within six months after its date of issuance, said permit shall become null and void.
   (c)   Fee.  The fee for the permit required by this section shall be set forth in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code. 
   (d)   Work Without Permit.  Whoever commences any construction or repair, for which a permit is required by this chapter, without first having obtained such permit, shall, if legally authorized and subsequently allowed to obtain a permit, pay double the permit fee specified in Chapter 210 of the Administration Code plus $100 for such construction or repair, provided that a notice has been sent or issued by the enforcing officer to the person commencing such construction repair.
(Ord. 1993-19.  Passed 10-19-93; Ord. 2002-22.  Passed 6-18-02; Ord. 2006-09.  Passed 6-20-06.)