The following information shall be included on the site plan:
      (1)   The owner's name and address;
      (2)   The date (month, day and year);
      (3)   The title block;
      (4)   A scale;
      (5)   A northpoint;
      (6)   A legal description;
      (7)   A location sketch (one inch equals 2,000 feet);
      (8)   The architect's, engineer's, surveyor's, landscape architect's or planner's seal;
      (9)   The topography on the site and fifty feet beyond the site at two-foot contour intervals;
      (10)   Lot lines and building lines within 100 feet;
      (11)   Lot lines and property line dimensions;
      (12)   The centerline and existing and proposed right-of-way lines;
      (13)   The acceleration, deceleration and passing lane, where required;
      (14)   The zoning classification of the petitioner's parcel and all abutting parcels;
      (15)   Existing drainage courses, floodplains and lake or stream elevations;
      (16)   Ties to major thoroughfares and/or section corners;
      (17)   The general location of sanitary sewers and building leads;
      (18)   A general indication of the following:
         A.   Water mains, hydrants and building services and sizes; and
         B.   Storm sewers, site grading, drainage, retention basins and/or other pertinent facilities;
      (19)   A landscape plan;
      (20)   Front, side and rear yard dimensions;
      (21)   Loading and unloading area;
      (22)   Total and usable floor area;
      (23)   Building elevations;
      (24)   Parking spaces;
      (25)   Berm or obscuring wall locations and cross-sections;
      (26)   Gross and net acreage figures;
      (27)   Interior and exterior sidewalk locations;
      (28)   Designation of fire lanes;
      (29)   Exterior lighting locations and the method of shielding;
      (30)   Trash receptacle locations and the method of shielding;
      (31)   Transformer pad locations and the method of shielding;
      (32)   Entrance details, including signs;
      (33)   The quantity and quality of industrial waste;
      (34)   The location of electrical and gas services;
      (35)   Floor plans with dimensions;
      (36)   The number of employees;
      (37)   The location of parking spaces for the handicapped; and
      (38)   The location and size of signage.
(Ord. 2-A-60. Passed 2-17-81; Ord. 2-A-64. Passed 10-19-82.)