(a)   The Planning Commission shall review the application and make a finding as to whether or not the proposed development best serves the intent of this Zoning Code, and the public health, safety and welfare, if subject to the special exception provisions of this chapter for planned projects. Upon a negative finding, the Commission shall return the application to the Board of Zoning Appeals with a written report of its findings.
   (b)   If the proposed development, in the finding of the Commission, appears to constitute a bona fide planned project and justifies, in the public interest, the special exception provisions of this chapter, the Planning Commission shall review the application with reference to the development's location, density of population, traffic volume and circulation and compatibility with existing fire and police protection. The Commission shall make a finding as to the relationship of the proposed development to the basic objectives of the Master Plan with reference to the foregoing.
   (c)   Where the Commission finds it significant, the Commission may request, and incorporate into its own findings, the findings of the School Board, the Fire Division, the Police Division or any other appropriate agency of government.
   (d)   Where it is within the public interest, and necessary to carry out the conditions for special exceptions under Section 1234.12(b), the Commission may recommend required dedication of land for street or park purposes and, by appropriate covenants, restriction of areas perpetually as open space for common use. Where the application includes a subsequent division of the tract or parcel of land into one or more separately owned and operated units, the Commission's report shall include recommendations for approval or disapproval.
   Where the application includes a request for a special exception use, the required conditions for such special exception, as provided in Section 1234.12(b), shall be reviewed and reported upon by the Commission.
   Where the application requests a special exception in regard to area, height, bulk or placement, the Commission shall report upon the satisfaction of conditions required hereunder for such special exception.
   (e)   The Planning Commission shall then transmit its report to the Board.
(Ord. 2.  Passed 6-22-61.)