(a)   The application for a planned project may be filed by the owner of the tract or parcel of land involved. The application shall be filed with the Board of Zoning Appeals. The land involved must constitute an area of at least five acres, to be occupied by at least one principal building of more than 50,000 square feet of usable floor area, or two or more principal buildings. The application shall contain at least the following information:
      (1)   The legal description of the property in question;
      (2)   A fully dimensioned map of the property, including topographic information at a contour interval of not more than two feet;
      (3)   A proposed tentative site plan showing the proposed location and land uses, all the principal and accessory buildings, and parking lots, including patterns of traffic circulation, and designating open land areas, plantings, driveways, curb cuts, etc.;
      (4)   An indication, on the site plan, of a tentative schedule of usable floor areas, land areas, building height and setback, net land coverage, population density, if a residential use, number of parking spaces and such other information that is reasonably necessary for a clear picture of the proposed use and its characteristics with reference to zoning regulations; and
      (5)   A written statement describing the specific special exceptions that are desired, as well as the purposes for which the special exceptions are desired.
   (b)   In cases where the Board finds, on the basis of the application, that the public health, safety and welfare would be better served by the established regulations without any special exception thereto, the application may, upon such findings, be denied. Otherwise, the Board shall refer the application to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation.
(Ord. 2.  Passed 6-22-61.)