Area, height, bulk and placement regulations for the T-I District are as follows:
Maximum               Minimum Required Set-back Dimensions in Feet
Building Area   
Coverage of
Lot, Including                          Side Yards
Buildings, in      Front                                 Rear
Percent of
Lot Area
Least One
Total of Two
Determined by
Required Set-
back and Park-
ing Regulations
of Chapter 1282
On Michigan   
Ave., Van
Born, Hannan,
Howe and
Venoy Rds.
and Annapolis
and Hubbard Sts.,
50 ft., of which
50 percent may
be used for parking.
On Clinton, Myrtle, Wayne,
Sophia, Forest
and all others: 25 ft.
For development in the T-I District, no construction shall take place until a site plan is submitted to and approved by the
Planning Commission and Council.
  Prerequisite to final recommendation by the Planning Commission are submitted  written findings relative to each depart- ment's responsibility by the principal City departments and divisions, namely Fire, Police, Public Works and Engineering andBuilding.
  Review of a site plan and data is required to minimize the possibility of any adverse effect upon adjacent properties and  to obtain proper relationships between the following development features as they relate to traffic, safety, service roads, drives and parking areas, building locations, open spaces and landscaping and environmental effects.
  Submitted site plans shall indicate:
(a)   The dimensional property map,  development name, adjacent buildings and topographic information;
(b)   The location and height of all structures;
(c)   Parking facilities, including the number and arrangement of spaces;
(d)   All access roads, landscaping, open spaces and paved areas; and
(e)   The location and size of utilities, outdoor storage, proposed signs and other development features. 
Maximum Building Height
Minimum Lot Size
In Feet
In Stories
Area in Square Feet
Width in Feet
Minimum frontage 320 ft.      Minimum lot size, 2 acres
(Ord. 2-A-21. Passed 1-16-68.)