The following principal uses are permitted in the IND-2 District:
   (a)   Industrial plants, manufacturing, processing or assembling as follows:
      (1)   Metal working, stamping, punching, plating, buffing, polishing, hammering, riveting, grinding, welding, pressing and turning, subject to appropriate measures to control undesirable sound, glare or light;
      (2)   Transportation equipment, such as motor vehicle equipment and parts and motorcycles, bicycles and parts;
      (3)   Machinery, such as engines and turbines, farm machinery and equipment, construction and materials-handling machinery and equipment, metal working machinery and equipment, and industrial machinery and equipment;
      (4)   Chemical processes and manufacture, and metallurgical manufacture and production, excluding storage or treatment of liquid wastes;
      (5)   Stone, clay and glass products, such as flat glass, pressed or blown glass and glassware, brick and structural clay tile, ceramic wall and floor tile, pottery products, concrete brick and block, concrete products, cut stone and stone products, abrasives, asbestos and miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral products;
      (6)   Leather and leather products, such as industrial belting and packing, footwear, gloves and mittens, luggage and handbags, except that leather tanning is prohibited;
      (7)   Canning factories and food processing, excluding slaughtering and rendering;
      (8)   Electrical power or steam-generating plant;
      (9)   Aluminum, bronze, copper, copper-base alloy and other nonferrous castings; and
      (10)   Prefabricated wooden buildings, structural members and wooden containers;
   (b)   Materials recovery facilities or scrap metal processing;
   (c)   Railroad and railroad terminal facilities; and
   (d)   Public utility uses, such as an electric substation, fire station, water supply and reservoir, public sewage disposal plant, utility pumping station, garage for commercial and public utility vehicles, telephone exchange, terminal for vehicles for movement of persons or freight, gas regulator station and railroad transfer and storage yards.
   (e)   Medical marihuana facilities, subject to the restrictions set forth in Chapter 838.
(Ord. 2018-05.  Passed 7-10-18.)
(Ord. 2-A-56.  Passed 11-5-79; Ord. 2001-01.  Passed 1-2-01.)