Uses requiring a Board of Zoning Appeals special exception permit are:
   (a)   Uses permitted in B-3 Districts, provided that they are located along Michigan Avenue and are not injurious to surrounding light industrial uses;
   (b)   Any use having the same general character as permitted principal uses and that is not injurious to the intent of the IND-1 District; and
(Ord. 2.  Passed 6-22-61.)
   (c)   Sale at wholesale, mixing, blending and warehousing of flammable liquids having flash points below seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit (22.8 degrees Centigrade) and having a boiling point at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Centigrade), provided that such use meets the performance standards contained in this Zoning Code, the Fire Prevention Code and all other applicable codes and ordinances having to do with the storage, sale, loading, unloading and distribution of flammable liquids.
(Ord. 2-A-65.  Passed 12-21-82.)