The following principal uses are permitted in the IND-B District:
   (a)   Subject to the conditions described in subsection (b) hereof, the following principal uses are permitted in the IND-B District:
      (1)   Uses permitted in the B-3 District, excluding uses provided in Section 1258.02(k) and (l) and also excluding uses permitted in the B-1 District and also excluding uses provided in Section 1256.02(f) and (g);
      (2)   Small manufacturing uses that could comply with performance standards, such as the fabrication of tools, gauges and dies; precision instrument equipment and parts; pharmaceutical, dental, surgical and optical equipment; orthopedic appliances; cameras, watches and clocks; awnings, windows, Venetian blinds and similar metal fabricating operations; glass products from glass stock; plastic products from plastic stock; toys; brooms, brushes and baskets; buttons; clothing, millinery and needlework; and air and oil filters for vehicles;
      (3)   Shops and processes, such as bakery, bottling (excluding brewery), printing and binding, woodworking and pattern making, including such service shops as plumbing, heating and electrical contractors, tinsmith and sheet metal shops and laundry, dyeing and dry cleaning plants;
      (4)   The sale at wholesale and warehousing of any commodity, the fabrication or assembly of which is permitted in this District or any other finished product that is packaged or in another form that is not explosive or radioactive or, in the case of liquids, that does not have a flash point below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or any product declared to be highly hazardous under the Fire Prevention Code, provided that such use meets the performance standards contained in this Zoning Code, the Fire Prevention Code and all other applicable ordinances;
      (5)   Research laboratories, i.e. medical, pharmaceutical, etc.;
      (6)   Professional and administrative offices, drafting rooms and design studios;
      (7)   Public utility uses, such as an electric substation, a fire station, a water supply and reservoir, a public sewage disposal plant, a utility pumping station, a garage for commercial and public utility vehicles, a telephone exchange, a terminal for vehicles for the movement of persons or freight, a gas regulator station and railroad transfer and storage yards;
      (8)   Building materials dealers, provided that outdoor storage is enclosed by an eight-foot high concealing fence or wall, or otherwise so located as not to be offensive to the orderly appearance of the District;
      (9)   Industrial trade schools and meeting halls; 
      (10)   Greenhouses and nurseries;
      (11)   Truck terminals;
      (12)   Radio and television antennae, provided that no antenna shall be of a height greater than the horizontal distance to the nearest lot line; and
      (13)   General construction contractors, such as highway and street, heavy construction and general building.
      (14)   Medical marihuana facilities, subject to the restrictions set forth in Chapter 838.
(Ord. 2018-05.  Passed 7-10-18.)
   (b)   Conditions for the uses described in subsection (a) hereof are:
      (1)   The principal permitted use shall be completely enclosed in a building, except permitted outside vehicle sales - open air wherein outside display is permitted within all standard setbacks required by this Zoning Code.
      (2)   Outside storage is permitted only when enclosed within an eight-foot high, concealing, unpierced fence.
(Ord. 2.  Passed 6-22-61; Ord. 2-A-18.  Passed 11-15-66; Ord. 2-A-65.  Passed 12-21-82; Ord. 1986-06.  Passed 6-17-86; Ord. 1992-13.  Passed 3-3-92; Ord. 2004-15.  Passed 10-19-04; Ord. 2019-11. Passed 12-12-19.)