1253.01  INTENT.
   (a)   The intent of this chapter is to permit, through design innovations and environmental sensitivity, flexibility in the development of residential housing patterns on sites where conventional design layout would either destroy the unique environmental significances of the site or would discourage innovative housing design and layout.  This chapter shall provide for detached housing as well as attached units up to four.
   (b)   In addition, this chapter is designed to preserve and protect the natural physiographic qualities of land (i.e. topography, drainage, vegetation, wetlands, slopes, flood plains, views, etc.) by providing flexibility for the location of roadways and structures to ensure proper fit to the land while maintaining overall density objectives.
   (c)   A Planned Residential District (PRD) may be permitted after review of a site analysis and development plan by Council and the Planning Commission in accordance with procedures set forth in this chapter.
   (d)   Development under this option shall be in accordance with a comprehensive physical analysis which results in the proposal meeting the following general criteria:
      (1)   An overall site analysis which includes the following: topography, existing vegetation, drainage, access, flood plains, wetlands, slopes, etc.;
      (2)   A development plan which contains not less than three units per net acre and not more than six units per net acre;
      (3)   A logical distribution of residential uses in keeping with the physical character of the City and the area surrounding the proposed development;
      (4)   An analysis stating the applicant's desire for the proposed type of residential units as well as a description and/or illustration of the following:
         A.   Mix of detached and attached units, if applicable;
         B.   General elevations;
         C.   General character of landscaping;
         D.   General material selection (building); and
         E.   Graphic floor plan showing the location of garages and the approximate sizes of rooms.
   (e)   Development under this section shall be subject to the conditions set forth in this chapter. 
(Ord. 1988-05.  Passed 4-5-88.)