The following accessory uses are permitted in the R-5 District:
   (a)   Retail and service uses clearly accessory to the principal use, provided that such use is entirely within the main structure or structures and totally obscured from exterior view. Such uses shall be permissible on the first floor only and shall be developed solely for the use of residents of the principal building.
   (b)   Recreational or parking structures developed solely for the use of the residents of the principal building;
   (c)   Signs, in accordance with Chapter 1280;
Satellite television dishes, but not more than one such dish shall be located in accordance with set-back provisions applicable to other accessory structures. If located on the roof of a building, the height of the uppermost part of such device shall not exceed twelve feet above the maximum building height of this Zoning District.
Parking, in accordance with Chapter 1282 and this subsection.
Type of Unit
Number of Spaces
1-1/2 spaces per unit
1-1/2 spaces per unit
Two-Bedroom or more
1 space per bedroom
(Ord. 2-A-41.  Passed 4-25-72; Ord. 2-A-76.  Passed 4-16-85.)