Area, height, bulk and placement regulations for the R-4 District are as follows:
Maximum                  Minimum Required Set-back Dimensions in Feet
Building Area   
Coverage of
Lot, Including                        Side Yards
Buildings, in         Front                           Rear
Percent of
Lot Area         Least One            Total of Two
Minimum lot      No building in the proposed development shall be nearer to an exterior
lot in square      property line than a distance equal to one-half of its height, but in no
feet applies.      case shall this distance be less than twenty-five feet. Side yards need not refer to spacing between buildings for a planned development for two or more buildings on the same parcel. The arrangement of buildings on the site shall be such that main buildings are not nearer each other than the average of their heights, except when principal buildings are so located that they will not occupy any space lying between the prolongation of any two on the opposite exterior walls of another main building, in which case the two buildings need to be separated by a distance of twenty-five feet.
         For planned residential developments involving the construction of two or more multifamily buildings on a lot, parcel or tract of land, no construction shall take place until a site plan is submitted to and approved by the Planning Commission and Council.
Maximum                  Minimum Required Set-back Dimensions in Feet
Building Area
Coverage of
Lot, Including                  Side Yards
Buildings, in         Front                        Rear
Percent of
Lot Area                  Least One         Total of Two
Minimum lot         Such site plan shall indicate:
area in square         (a)   A dimensional property map, development name and feet applies.
any unusual topographic formation;
            (b)   The location and height of all buildings and structures;
            (c)   Parking facilities and arrangement of spaces;
            (d)   All access roads, landscaping, open spaces, paved exterior areas, courtyards and plazas;
            (e)   The location and size of utilities for installation, out door storage, proposed signs and other developmental features; and
            (f)   A schedule of usable floor area, land area, setbacks, land coverage, dwelling unit density and parking ratio.
Maximum Building Height               Minimum Lot Size   
                        Area in
In Feet         In Stories            Square Feet  * see below
40                        Lot area per
                        dwelling unit:
                        1-bedroom -
                        2-bedroom -
                        3-bedroom -
*   MINIMUM LOT SIZE - AREA IN SQUARE FEET. The land proposed for the planned residential unit development shall be in one ownership at the time of application. The proposed building units will be situated on a tract or contiguous tracts of land not subdivided into customary streets and lots, presently or in the future. In the event of the subsequent sale of the property or change of plan, no construction shall take place except in accordance with the plan originally submitted to and approved by the Planning Commission and Council, unless such plan has been amended (and again approved) by the Commission and Council in accordance with the specified procedure.
(Ord. 2-A-14.  Passed 6-21-66; Ord. 2-A-42. Passed 7-5-72.)