The following accessory uses are permitted in the R-3 District:
   (a)   A community garage serving the principal building, containing space for no greater number of motor vehicles than twice the number of dwelling units in the principal building;
   (b)   A private swimming pool designed and operated only for occupants of the principal building and their personal guests;
   (c)   A maintenance and management building associated with multifamily dwellings;
   (d)   Any use customarily incidental to the permitted principal use;
   (e)   The same accessory uses permitted in the R-1AA District; 
   (f)   Parking, in accordance with Chapter 1282:
         Uses                  Spaces Per Dwelling Unit
      (1)   One and one-half room efficiency
         and one bedroom in use         1-1/2
      (2)   Two and three-bedroom living unit      2
      (3)   Four or more bedroom unit         3
(Ord. 2.  Passed 6-22-61.)
   (g)   A satellite television dish, but not more than one such dish shall be located in accordance with set-back provisions applicable to other accessory structures. If located on the roof of a building, the height of the uppermost part of such device shall not exceed the existing roof elevation by more than twelve feet and in no case shall the height of the uppermost part of such device exceed twelve feet above the maximum building height of this Zoning District. 
(Ord. 2-A-76.  Passed 4-16-85.)