Plats and data for final approval shall be as follows:
   (a)   The final plan shall be drawn in ink on tracing cloth on sheets eighteen inches wide by twenty-four inches long and shall be at a scale of 100 feet to one inch. Where necessary, the plat may be on several sheets accompanied by an index sheet showing the entire subdivision. For large subdivisions, the final plat may be submitted for approval progressively in contiguous sections satisfactory to the Planning Commission. The final plat will show the following:
      (1)   Primary control points, approved by the City Engineer, or descriptions and "ties" to such control points to which all dimensions, angles, bearings and similar data on the plat shall be referred;
      (2)   Tract boundary lines, right-of-way lines of streets, easements and other rights of way, and property lines and central angles of all curves;
      (3)   The name and right-of-way width of each street or other right of way;
      (4)   The location, dimensions and purpose of any easement;
      (5)   A number to identify each lot or site;
      (6)   The purpose for which sites, other than residential lots, are dedicated or reserved;
      (7)   Minimum building set-back lines on all lots and other sites;
      (8)   The location and description of monuments;
      (9)   The names of record owners of adjoining platted land;
      (10)   Reference to recorded subdivision plats of adjoining platted land by record name, date and number;
      (11)   A certification by a surveyor or engineer certifying to the accuracy of the survey and plat;
      (12)   A certification of title showing that the applicant is the land owner;
      (13)   A statement by the owner, dedicating streets, rights of way and sites for public uses; and
      (14)   The title, scale, north arrow and date.
   (b)   Cross-sections and profiles of streets showing grades approved by the City Engineer shall be included. The profiles shall be drawn to City standard scales and elevations and shall be based on a datum plane approved by the City Engineer.
   (c)   A certificate by the City Engineer, certifying that the subdivider has complied with one of the following alternatives, shall be included:
      (1)   All improvements have been installed in accordance with the requirements of these Regulations and with the action of the Commission giving conditional approval to the preliminary plat.
      (2)   A bond or certified check has been posted, which is available to the City and in a sufficient amount to assure completion of all required improvements.
   (d)   Protective covenants in form for recording shall be included.
   (e)   Other data, including such other certificates, affidavits, endorsements or deductions as may be required by the Commission in the enforcement of these Regulations shall be included.
(Ord. 20.  Passed 11-19-57.)