Pre-application procedure for subdivision plat approval shall be as follows:
   (a)   Prior to the filing of an application for conditional approval of the preliminary plat, the subdivider shall submit to the City Planning Commission, at least five days before a regularly scheduled meeting, plans and data as specified in Sections 1224.04 through 1224.06. This step does not require a formal application, fee or filing of a plat with the Commission.
   (b)   Within fifteen days after its next regularly scheduled meeting, the Planning Commission shall formally notify the subdivider that one of the following is true:
      (1)   Pre-application exhibits, as submitted, are acceptable.
      (2)   Pre-application exhibits are acceptable subject to compliance with specified changes and/or conditions.
      (3)   Pre-application exhibits are unacceptable for specified reasons and no further consideration will be given until a new and acceptable pre-application submission is made.
(Ord. 20.  Passed 11-19-57.)