As used in these Subdivision Regulations, unless otherwise specifically stated:
   (a)   Alley. "Alley" means a permanent serviceway providing secondary means of access to abutting properties.
   (b)   Block. "Block" means a City square, also the length of one side of such a square.
   (c)   Final Plat. "Final plat" means the final map, drawing or chart on which the subdivider's plan of subdivision is presented to the Planning Commission for approval, and which, if approved, will be submitted to the County Clerk for recording.
   (d)   Lot. "Lot" means a parcel or portion of land in a subdivision or plat of land separated from other parcels or portions by description, as on a subdivision or record of survey map or by metes and bounds, for the purpose of sale or lease to, or separate use of, another.
   (e)   Master Plan. "Master Plan" means a comprehensive plan prepared by the Planning Commission, pursuant to Chapter 1212, which indicates the general locations recommended for the various functional classes of public works, places and structures and for the general physical development of the City, including any unit or part of such Plan separately adopted and any amendment to such Plan or parts thereof.
   (f)   Official Map. "Official Map" means the Map established by Council showing the streets, highways and parks theretofore laid out, adopted and established by law and any amendments thereto adopted by Council or additions thereto resulting from the approval of subdivision plats by the Planning Commission and the subsequent filing of such approved plats.
   (g)   Owner. "Owner" means any person having sufficient proprietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided to commence and maintain proceedings to subdivide the same under these Subdivision Regulations.
   (h)   Preliminary Plat. "Preliminary plat" means the preliminary map, drawing or chart indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision to be submitted to the Planning Commission for its consideration.
   (i)   Street. "Street" means a way for vehicular traffic, whether designated as a street, highway, thoroughfare, parkway, throughway, road, avenue, boulevard, lane, place or any other designation.
   (j)   Street, Arterial. "Arterial street" means a street used primarily for fast or heavy traffic.
   (k)   Street, Collector. "Collector street" means a street which carries traffic from minor streets to the major system of arterial streets and highways, including the principal entrance streets of a residential development and streets for circulation within such a development.
   (l)   Street, Cul-de-Sac. "Cul-de-sac street" or "dead-end street" means a minor street with only one outlet.
   (m)   Street, Marginal Access. "Marginal access street" means a minor street which is parallel to and adjacent to an arterial street or highway and which provides access to abutting properties and protection from through traffic.
   (n)   Street, Minor. "Minor street" means a street which is used primarily for access to abutting properties.
   (o)   Street Width. "Street width" means the shortest distance between the lines delineating the right of way of streets.
   (p)   Subdivider. "Subdivider" means any person commencing proceedings under these Subdivision Regulations to effect a subdivision of land hereunder for himself or herself or for another.
   (q)   Subdivision. "Subdivision" means the division of a parcel of land into two or more lots or parcels for the purpose of transfer of ownership or building development or, if a new street is involved, any division of a parcel of land. However, a division of land for agricultural purposes into lots or parcels of five acres or more and not involving a new street shall not be deemed a subdivision. "Subdivision" includes resubdivision and, when appropriate to the context, relates to the process of subdividing or to the land subdivided.
   (r)   Subdivision Regulations. "Subdivision Regulations" means Ordinance 20, passed November 19, 1957, codified herein as Title Four of Part Twelve - the Planning and Zoning Code.
   (s)   Technical Staff. "Technical staff" means the City Manager and/or his or her duly delegated representatives.
(Ord. 20.  Passed 11-19-57.)