(a)   Chairperson. The Planning Commission shall elect a Chairperson from its membership annually at its first meeting after the first Tuesday in July. Such Chairperson shall be eligible for re-election.
   (b)   Secretary. Council shall appoint a Clerk or Secretary for the Commission.
   (c)   Attorney. The City Attorney shall act as Attorney for the Commission.
   (d)   Other Offices. The Commission may create and fill such other offices as it may by resolution determine.
   (e)   Regular Meetings. The Commission shall hold at least one regular public meeting in each month on such date and at such time and place as may be established by resolution of the Commission.
   (f)   Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the Secretary on the written request of the Chairperson or any four members of the Commission on at least two days notice to each member of the Commission, but any such meeting at which all members of the Commission are present or have waived notice in writing shall be a legal meeting for all purposes without such notice.
   (g)   Rules. The Commission shall adopt such rules for the transaction of its business as it may by resolution determine.
   (h)   Records. The Commission shall keep a written or printed record of its resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations, which record shall be a public record.
   (i)   Employees. The Commission may appoint such employees as it may deem necessary for its work, whose appointment, promotion, demotion and removal shall be subject to the same provisions of law as govern other corresponding civil employees of the City.
   (j)   Contracts. The Commission may contract with City planners, engineers, architects and other consultants for such services as it may require, subject to Council approval as to expenditures.
   (k)   Expenditures. All expenditures of the Commission, exclusive of the expenditure of gifts, shall be within the amount appropriated for Commission purposes by Council. Council shall provide the funds, equipment and accommodations necessary for the Commission's work.
(Ord. 9.  Passed 3-4-54.)