The City is one of the constituent members of the Central Wayne County Sanitation Authority (the "Authority").  The Authority owns and operates an incinerator that is located in the City of Dearborn Heights and that disposes of solid waste originating within the territorial limits of its constituent members.
   The City and the Authority have entered into a Solid Waste Disposal and Service Agreement (the "Agreement") which prescribes their respective rights and obligations with respect to solid waste disposal services to be performed by the Authority and to assure an adequate supply of solid waste to the incinerator, all in furtherance of the purpose of protecting the public health and the general welfare of the people in the City as required and authorized by the Constitution and the statutes of the State, especially Article IV, Sections 51 and 52 of the Constitution, and Act 641 of the  Public Acts of 1978, as amended. Pursuant to the Agreement, the City has agreed to deliver or cause to be delivered to the Authority's incinerator substantially all solid waste originating within its territorial limits and to pay or cause to be paid to the Authority for disposal thereof certain rates which the Authority estimates will be sufficient to pay the expenses of the operation, maintenance and administration of the incinerator and all other facilities of the Authority, and the principal and interest requirements on all outstanding bonds of the Authority.
   Pursuant to the Agreement, the City is obligated to enact an ordinance regulating the collection and disposal of solid waste originating within its territorial limits. 
(Ord. 1992-34.  Passed 11-17-92.)