It shall be the duty of owners, proprietors or persons in charge of every store, office building or other commercial building, of residents or owners of office buildings or other commercial buildings, and of residents or owners of cooperatives, condominiums, except condominiums developed pursuant to Chapter 1253, or row houses, in the City, to place or cause to be placed all solid waste accumulating on the premises in suitable containers or receptacles provided by such owner or other person. All receptacles for commercial solid waste shall be watertight metal containers equipped with tightly fitting covers sufficient to keep out water and to prevent disturbance by animals and the entrance of insects.
   The waste receptacles provided shall be commensurate with the volume of solid waste produced; if the normal volume per collection is equivalent to one to seventy-nine gallons, then from one to five twenty-gallon receptacles shall be provided. If the normal volume is from eighty to 149 gallons, the minimum receptacle capacity shall be one yard. If the normal volume is from 150 gallons to 299 gallons, the minimum receptacle capacity shall be two yards. If the normal volume is from 300 gallons to 500 gallons, the minimum receptacle capacity shall be three yards and receptacle capacity shall be increased one yard for each additional 200 gallons or equivalent of solid waste produced. If the normal volume of solid waste produced exceeds the maximum capacity of the largest receptacle as provided herein, additional large receptacles shall be provided. All receptacles shall meet specifications as provided by the Director of Public Works. Receptacles of one yard capacity or over shall be located on private property conveniently accessible for collection to all users. All solid waste shall be placed in the receptacles.
(Ord. 1992-36.  Passed 11-17-92; Ord. 1996-10.  Passed 3-5-96.)