The City of Wayne has the authority to grant licenses and franchises for telecommunications systems offering public or private line video, data or voice services using or crossing streets, highways, rights-of-way or easements in the City. This chapter is intended to minimize the disruption to the streets, highways, rights-of-way and easements and to require those who seek to construct a telecommunication system to cooperate in the construction and the restoration of streets, highways, rights-of-way and easements of both overhead and underground lines. The City finds that it has too many unsightly overhead lines and poles in some sections of the City. They are proliferating, adversely affecting the public safety, detracting from property values and reaching maximum safe capacity of poles and underground spaces. The City further finds that public health, safety and welfare is better served by requiring installation of new utility lines and wires in underground conduit wherever practical.
(Ord. 99-07.  Passed 3-2-99.)