(a)   An application for the license required by this chapter shall be made on forms provided by the City Clerk, shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee and shall contain the following information:
      (1)   If the applicant is an individual, the name and address of the individual and his or her place of residence for the past five years;
      (2)   If the applicant is a partnership, the name and place of residence for the previous five years of each partner;
      (3)   If the applicant is a corporation, the name, date and state under whose laws such corporation was organized and, if a foreign corporation, the date when such corporation was authorized to do business in the State; and the names of the officers, directors, stockholders and local representatives of such corporation and their residence and business addresses for the previous five years;
      (4)   The location where the business is to be carried on and the number of bowling lanes and billiard tables at such location; and
      (5)   A statement that each person having an interest in such establishment is possessed of a good reputation and has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude.
   (b)   In the case of a corporation, the application shall be made by the agent of such corporation who will have principal charge of the place proposed to be established, and such application shall contain all the facts with respect to such agent as are required in the case of an individual.
(Ord. 22.  Passed 8-16-66.)