No person shall sell, offer for sale, keep, possess, use or loan a cane sword, umbrella sword or switchblade or self-opening knife, or be in possession of a knife with a blade more than three inches in length, or a karate stick, consisting of two sticks or pieces of wood, plastic, steel, metal or other material of similar hardness, which sticks or pieces are joined together by string, rope, cable, chain, leather or other material of similar quality in such a fashion as to enable a person to hold one such stick or piece, and twirl or rotate the second stick or piece, a Shuriken (throwing star) or other similar pointed or sharpened star which is designed for throwing, a Manrikigusari or similar device with a length of chain having weighted ends, or any other article or device which is designed or reasonably adapted for use as an offensive or striking weapon, on any of the streets or other public places in the City, or on any private property frequented or visited by the public for purposes of education, recreation, amusement, entertainment, sports or shopping. However, this section shall not apply to any one-armed person in possession of a switchblade or self-opening knife in connection with his or her living requirements.
(Ord. 26-A-7.  Passed 7-2-85.)