It shall be an affirmative defense to a prosecution under Section 680.03(a)(2) or (a)(3) if the pornographic material was disseminated by a person who was acting in his or her capacity as:
   (a)   A teacher or administrator at a State-approved educational institution for use as part of an accredited course of study related to pornography or a school program permitted by law;
   (b)   A licensed medical practitioner or psychologist in the treatment of a patient;
   (c)   A librarian employed by a State-approved library of a public or private elementary or secondary school, or employed by a public library;
   (d)   A participant in the criminal justice system, such as a legislator, judge, prosecutor, law enforcement official or other similar or related position; or
   (e)   A supplier to any person described in subsections (a) through (d) hereof.
(Ord. 55.  Passed 1-20-81.)