(a)   Purpose.  Whereas the City sponsors, coordinates or permits certain special events within the City to encourage visitation by a large number of visitors, and whereas certain streets, sidewalks, parking lots and other areas must be blocked off to traffic, rerouted, closed or otherwise altered as to their normal uses in order to accommodate the great number of individuals who participate in such special events, it is necessary to prohibit certain activity in order to accommodate the large number of people and/or participants and to ensure that everyone will be able to have an opportunity to enjoy the various activities.  Because there is a limited amount of area in which to conduct these special activities, it is necessary to prohibit certain activities.
   (b)   Definitions.  As used in this section:
      (1)   Special events. "Special events" shall include Goudy Park concerts, Wheelfest,City fireworks, music festivals and other similar events within the City. 
      (2)   Event areas.
         A.   For events taking place at Goudy Park, the event area shall be defined as that area bordered by Wayne Road, Sims Avenue, Second Street and the Rouge River.
         B.   For events taking place downtown, the event area shall be defined as that area bordered by Michigan Avenue West, Second Street, Michigan Avenue East and Newberry Street.
   Council may, by resolution preceding any special event, redefine the area where the special event is permitted and within which this section is enforceable.
   (c)   Prohibited Activities.  It shall be unlawful for any person at any special event to do any of the following within the area where said special event is to be held:
      (1)   Bring any animal (including fish or reptiles) to the special event, whether on a leash or not, unless said animal is part of an event as authorized by the City or other sponsor of the special event.  Leader dogs for the blind are also excepted from this section.
      (2)   Bring any bicycle or unicycle into the area where the special event is conducted.  It is permissible to place the bicycle or unicycle in any bicycle rack which is provided.
      (3)   Use any skateboard, roller skates, roller blades or other similar device in the special event area.
      (4)   Take or carry any radio, tape player, stereo, speakers or other devices which transmit music or sound into the special event area. It is permissible for an individual to wear a headphone radio device, sometimes known as a "walkman".
(Ord. 1993-12.  Passed 6-15-93; Ord. 2005-23.  Passed 5-17-05.)