(a)   No person shall park an inoperable vehicle on any property without a permit as provided in this chapter, and no owner of property shall permit such a vehicle to be parked on such property without such a permit.
(Ord. 20.  Passed 4-19-66.)
   (b)   Application for the permit required by subsection (a) hereof shall be made to the Building Department within twenty-four hours after an inoperable vehicle has been parked in any zoning district, as set forth in this chapter, by filing on a form furnished by the Building Department a statement of the following:
      (1)   The address of the premises where the vehicle is to be parked;
      (2)   The name and address of the owner or person in control of the premises, and a statement attesting to his or her permission for such vehicle to be parked and the date of such permission;
      (3)   The name and address of the registered owner of the inoperable vehicle for which the permit is sought, the registration or title to be presented to the officer issuing the permit;
      (4)   A description of the inoperable vehicle for which a permit is sought, including the make, model, year of manufacture, last license issued and condition which rendered it inoperable;
      (5)   The estimated length of time, not to exceed thirty days, for which the permit is being requested in order to restore the vehicle to operating condition; and
      (6)   The signature of the applicant.
(Ord. 97-14.  Passed 12-2-97; Ord. 2000-11.  Passed 6-20-00.)