At any time the Chief of Police or Council considers it advisable for the public health and safety to effect a dog or a cat quarantine, the Chief or Council may effect such quarantine by causing a publication entitled “Notice of Dog Quarantine” or “Notice of Cat Quarantine” to be published in the official newspaper of the City, providing a period during which all dogs or cats within the City limits shall be confined upon the property of the owner.  During such period of quarantine, no owner of any dog or cat shall permit such dog or cat to cross the owner’s property line, and the owner of each and every dog or cat shall be charged with the duty of enforcing such confinement.  The quarantine shall take effect 24 hours after the publication and shall continue during the time prescribed in such publication.
(Ord. 1988-11. Passed 6-7-88; Ord. 1992-15.  Passed 4-21-92; Ord. 2008-09.  Passed 11-18-08.)