(a)   Council shall not approve any new license or permit for which it has statutory authority, or authority delegated by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, to act, nor shall it approve any renewal or transfer of such a license or permit, for the following persons, individuals, corporations or partnerships:
      (1)   A person who has been convicted of a felony or is disqualified to receive such a license or permit by reason of any matter or thing contained in the laws of the State;
      (2)   A person whose license or permit has been revoked for cause;
      (3)   In the case of renewal, upon a proper showing that the previous operation of the establishment has been deleterious to the health, safety or morals of the public at large or of the residents of the City in particular; or
      (4)   Unless the issuance of such a license or permit is in the best interest of the City and is necessary for the needs and convenience of its residents.
   (b)   No application for a new license or for a transfer of an existing license shall be approved by Council unless and until all the City's zoning ordinances, building codes and ordinances and site plan requirements have been complied with.
   (c)   No entertainment permit shall be issued in conjunction with any liquor license. This time-honored policy is based upon clear and competent factual evidence that such activity in conjunction with on-premises sale of alcoholic beverages is contrary to the good morals, health and safety of the general public and specifically of the residents of the City and does not inure to the benefit or best interest and convenience of such residents. Clear and convincing evidence has shown that such activities place an undue burden on public safety personnel, tend to detract from property values in and around the vicinity of the establishment, tend to create nuisances and disturbances and tend to detract from the public tranquility.
   (d)   Applicants for a new liquor license or permit, or for the renewal or transfer of such a license or permit, shall submit to the City such information as is necessary for the City to make a determination of the applicant's qualifications to obtain a license or permit hereunder.
   (e)   Prior to the decision of Council with regard to the approval or disapproval of an application for a renewed or transferred license or permit issued by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, such applicant shall have an opportunity to be heard before Council to present proofs, evidence and information concerning his or her qualifications to obtain a license or permit.
(Res. Unno.  Passed 2-5-85.)