(a)   Installments. Annual installments shall not exceed thirty in number, as Council may determine at the time of confirmation of the roll, and if a division of the assessment operates to make any installment less than ten dollars ($10.00), the Assessor shall reduce the number of installments so that each installment is above and as near to ten dollars ($10.00) as possible.
   (b)   Due Date. All special assessments levied under this chapter shall become due upon confirmation of the special assessment roll. If payment is to be made in annual installments, Council shall determine the first installment to be due upon confirmation of the roll, and deferred installments to be due annually thereafter or, at the discretion of Council, they may be spread upon and made a part of each annual City tax roll thereafter until all are paid.
   (c)   First Installment Spread. The first installment of any special assessment shall be spread upon a special City tax roll in a column headed "Special Assessment," or upon the next annual tax roll at the direction of Council. If spread upon a special tax roll, the assessment may be paid at any time, without penalties, within three months from the date of confirmation. If unpaid on or before the three-month period, it shall be added to and made a part of the following July 1 tax roll, together with interest as provided thereon.
   (d)   Annual Installment Spread. Annual installments shall be spread thereafter either on a special assessment roll or on the annual City tax roll, as may have been directed by Council, in the same manner and subject to the same provisions as provided for first installments.
   (e)   Publication of Notice to Pay. The assessment roll shall be transmitted by the Clerk to the Treasurer for collection immediately after confirmation, and if it is not a part of the annual tax roll, the Treasurer may give notice by publication at least once in a newspaper of general circulation that such special assessment roll (describing it) has been filed in the Treasurer's office and specifying when and where payments may be made thereon.
   (f)   Notice by Mail. As an alternative to subsection (e) herein, the Treasurer may mail statements of the seveal assessments to the respective owners, as indicated by the records of the Assessor, of the several lots or parcels of land assessed, stating the amount of the assessment and the manner in which it may be paid. However, failure to mail any such statement shall not invalidate the assessment or entitle the owner to an extension of time within which to pay the assessment.
   (g)   Collection Fees and Penalties. After the confirmation of any special assessment roll, the same collection fees shall be collected on delinquent special assessments and upon delinquent installments of such special assessments, beginning on the first day of the fourth month following the due date, as are provided by the City Charter for the collection of delinquent City taxes.
   (h)   Contested Assessments. Except and unless notice is given to Council in writing of an intention to contest or enjoin the collection of any special assessment for the construction of any pavement, sewer or other public improvement, the construction of any sidewalk, or the removal or abatement of any public hazard or nuisance, within thirty days after the date of the meeting of Council at which it is finally determined to proceed with the making of the improvement in question, which notice shall state the grounds on which the proceedings are to be contested, no suit or action of any kind shall be instituted or maintained for the purpose of contesting or enjoining the collection of such special assessments, and regardless of whether or not any public improvement is completed in any special assessment district, no owner of real property located in such district shall be entitled to commence any suit or action for the purpose of contesting or enjoining the collection of any such special assessments after he or she has received the benefits from the substantial completion of that portion of such public improvement for which he or she is assessed.
(Ord. 6.  Passed 4-17-62; Ord. 2009-06.  Passed 4-21-09.)