Section 8.9.
   (a)    Immediately after the effective date of this Charter, the Council shall direct and, within three years, complete the codification of the ordinances of the City and shall provide for the publication of subsequent amendments thereto so that such amendments may readily be made a part of such code and maintain the same in current form. Any such codification may include provisions not previously contained in ordinances of the City.
   (b)   The Council shall provide for making printed copies of the codification available for public inspection and for distribution to the public at a reasonable charge therefor and shall publish notice of the printing and availability of such codification before the effective date thereof. Such making available of printed copies of the codification and notice thereof shall constitute the due and legal publication of any such codification and the provisions thereof, as required by law, other provisions of this Charter for the publication of ordinances notwithstanding.
   (c)   The copies of the ordinances and of the codification thereof, and of provisions adopted by reference in accordance with Section 8.7 may be certified by the Clerk and, when so certified, shall be competent evidence in all courts and other legally established tribunals as to the matter contained therein.