Section 8.7.
In accordance with the provisions of law or hereafter in effect, the Council may enact technical codes or regulations which have been promulgated or enacted by the State of Michigan or the United States of America, or by any department, board, or other agency thereof, or by any organization or association which is organized and conducted for the purpose of developing any such code or technical regulations, by reference thereto in an adopting ordinance and without publishing any such code in full: Provided, that each statute or technical code or regulation is clearly identified in the ordinance adopting the same. The purpose of the code or regulations shall be published with the adopting ordinance and complete printed copies thereof shall be kept in the office of the Clerk, available for inspection by and distribution to the public at all times. Such publication shall contain a notice stating that a complete copy of said code or regulation is available for public use and inspection at the office of the Clerk.