(A)   The parking of vehicles, trucks, construction equipment, work trailers, recreational vehicles, and the like upon municipal owned property shall be restricted to a 12-hour limit unless special permission is issued by a city employee, representative, or the City Council.  Special permission by an agent of the city will expire in 72 hours from the date the permission is granted.  Parking situations that will exceed 72 hours will require an extension of the special permit by an authorized agent of the city.  Municipal property includes any city owned property such as parks, parking lots, park and ride lots, city building parking areas, and any property owned by the city.
   (B)   The parking of buses and trucks over 5,000 pounds gross vehicle weight, recreational vehicles including but not limited to boats and campers, construction equipment, work trailers, and any detached trailers on city streets (including dead ends, street stubs, and cul-de-sacs) and county roads within the city limits shall be restricted to a 24-hour limit unless special permission is issued by a city employee or member of the City Council. Special permission granted by an authorized representative of the city will expire in a 72-hour period. An extension will be required for all parking that will exceed the 72-hour time limit.
   (C)   The Wright County Sheriff’s Department is authorized to tow any vehicles which are in violation of this section.
(Ord. 02-03, passed 1-8-02; Am. Ord. 09-03, passed 7-14-09; Am. Ord. 11-05, passed 9-13-11; Am. Ord. 17-03, passed 4-11-17)