For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADMINISTRATIVE.   Administrative costs as associated with acquiring and maintaining the necessary contour maps, which define the watershed in and for the city.  Also included shall be periodic planning and engineering studies, which shall determined the adequacy and condition of the storm water drainage system.
   CERTIFICATION OF PAST DUE FEES ON TAXES. Any past due storm water drainage fees in excess of 90 days past due on October 1, of any year may be certified tot he County Auditor for collection with real estate taxes in the following year pursuant to M.S. § 444.075, Subdivision 3.  In addition the city shall also have the right to bring a civil action or to take other legal remedies to collect unpaid fees.
   CONSTRUCTION. The improvements to the storm water system in areas not previously served with lateral and trunk lines.
   DEVELOPED LAND.   Land which has been platted.  Undeveloped land is land which has not been platted.
   EXEMPTIONS.   The following land uses are exempt from storm water drainage fees:  Public rights-of-way, municipal property being used for public service, and city parks are exempt from the storm water drainage fees.
   MAINTENANCE.   Includes direct and indirect costs as well as equipment costs for repairs and cleaning.  Cleaning includes, catch basin cleaning, jetting, storm water pond cleaning, ditch cleaning, thawing pipes and any other operation, which assures a dependable drainage system.  It shall also include the administrative costs.
   PAYMENT OF FEES.   The City Council shall establish policy relating to the payments of fees and penalties relating thereto.
   RECALCULATION OF FEES.   If a property owner or person responsible for paying the storm water drainage fee questions the correctness of an invoice for such charge, such person may have the determination of the charge recomputed by written request to the City Clerk, made within 12 months of mailing of the invoice by the city.  The property owner may appeal the decision of the City Clerk to the City Council by filing notice of such appeal with the City Clerk within 60 days of the City Clerk's determination.
   RECONSTRUCTION. The improvements made to the storm water drainage system in areas previously served with lateral and trunk lines.
   STORM WATER DRAINAGE FEES.   Storm water drainage fees for each land parcel shall be determined according to the current rate schedule attached to Ordinance 03-05.  The rate schedule may be revised semi-annually to match the current city storm water operations and maintenance budget for the storm sewer system.
   UNDEVELOPED LAND.   Undeveloped commercial and industrial land shall be excluded from the storm water drainage fee until public right-of-way has been platted and storm sewer improvements made.
   UNDEVELOPED PLATTED RESIDENTIAL LOTS.  Property owners/developers shall be charged a fee. The Clerk's office will invoice the property owner/developer for platted lots on a regular schedule determined by the City Council until the property is hooked up to water and sewer services. The billing will be done on the utility bill after services are connected.
(Ord. 03-05, passed 11-12-03; Am. Ord. 15-01, passed 4-14-15)