§ 53.11  APPEALS.
   According to M.S. § 429.081, as it may be amended from time to time, within 30 days after the adoption of the assessment, any person aggrieved, who is not precluded by failure to object prior to or at the assessment hearing, or whose failure to so object is due to a reasonable cause, may appeal to the district court by serving a notice upon the Mayor or Clerk/Treasurer of the municipality. The notice shall be filed with the Court Administrator of the district court within ten days after its service. The municipal Clerk/Treasurer shall furnish appellant a certified copy of objections filed in the assessment proceedings, the assessment roll or part complained of, and all papers necessary to present the appeal. The appeal shall be placed upon the calendar of the next general term commencing more than five days after the date of serving the notice and shall be tried as other appeals in such cases. The court shall either affirm the assessment or set it aside and order a reassessment as provided in M.S. § 429.071, Subdivision 2, as it may be amended from time to time.  If appellant does not prevail upon the appeal, the costs incurred shall be taxed by the court and judgment entered therefor. All objections to the assessment shall be deemed waived unless presented on such appeal. This section provides the exclusive method of appeal from a special assessment levied pursuant to this chapter.
(Ord. 01-01, passed 4-10-01)