(a)   Each full-time employee, after one year employment shall be entitled to ten work days vacation.
   (b)   Thereafter on January 1 each year after having worked one day, the employee will be entitled to vacation according to years of service.
   (c)   Each full-time employee, after one year employment with the City, shall be entitled to ten working days vacation. The following vacation schedule shall be used.
Years Service      Working Days
1 thru 5         10
6 thru 9         15
10 thru 14         20
15 thru 19         25
20 years and after      30
   All full-time employees will be permitted to carry over a number of vacation days equivalent to that earned for the previous year. Maximum vacation is 30 working days.
(Ord. 25-94. Passed 4-4-94.)
   (d)   All vacations shall be scheduled in advance with written approval of the department head.
   (e)   An employee with ten days vacation shall not be permitted to defer more than five work days vacation until the following year. An employee with more than ten days vacation may defer ten days to the following year.
(Ord. 5-81. Passed 2-16-81.)