(a)    There is hereby established an auxiliary police unit within the Police Department and such unit may be filled from time to time with as many persons as the Director of Public Safety may believe necessary, subject to approval of Council.
   (b)    The Director of Public Safety shall be the executive head of the auxiliary police unit and he shall appoint deputy auxiliary police officers in such numbers as may be determined necessary. From the deputy auxiliary officers, the Director of Public Safety shall appoint a captain and lieutenants. Any auxiliary officer may be removed from office without hearing and without cause being stated.
   (c)    Auxiliary police officers shall post bond as regular police officers do and the bond premium shall be paid for by the Village. Auxiliary police officers shall take the same oath of office as regular police officers before entering upon their duties.
   (d)    Compensation of auxiliary police officers shall be one dollar ($1.00) per year and auxiliary police officers shall not be entitled to share in the Police Disability and Pension Fund in accordance with Ohio R.C. 737.161. Rules and regulations shall be made from time to time as prescribed by Council for the organization, training, administration, control and conduct of the auxiliary police unit insofar as such rules and regulations are not in conflict with this section or other ordinances of the City. Such rules and regulations so promulgated shall be binding upon the auxiliary police officers.
(Ord. 2-17-69. Passed 3-17-69; Ord. 40-2012. Passed 6-19-12.)