(a)    No policeman shall visit a bar where alcoholic beverages are dispensed while on duty unless called in by the proprietor, or in pursuit of a law violator.
   (b)    No policeman shall report for duty with alcohol on his breath nor drink alcoholic beverages while on duty.
   (c)    No policeman shall conduct himself in such a manner that his actions or sayings would reflect unfavorably on other members of the police force and/or officials of the Village.
   (d)    All policemen shall cooperate to the fullest extent with the office of the Sheriff of Pike County, the Ohio Highway Patrol or any other legally constituted law enforcement body.
   (e)    All policemen shall report for duty properly dressed and clean shaven and remain so during their tour of duty.
   (f)    Any policeman coming off duty shall brief the officer coming on duty as to any follow-up action to be taken on events that transpired during his tour of duty.
   (g)    The police log must be maintained properly at all times.
   (h)    All vacation schedules are at the discretion of the Mayor or Chief of Police.
   (i)    The police cruiser is not a private vehicle and as such its use should be governed accordingly.
   (j)    The police cruiser shall not leave the corporate limits of the Village without a trip ticket signed by the Mayor or the Chief of Police. Any other instances of the police cruiser being removed from the corporate limits of the Village shall be substantiated only by the Ohio State Highway Patrol logs of their various posts in this area.
   (k)    There shall be no unauthorized absence from duty.
   (l)    The Mayor or Chief of Police only shall authorize overtime.
(Ord. 11-17-58. Passed 12-1-58.)