(a)   There is hereby established a fee to cover the costs of holding a public hearing requested by a petitioner, for hearings other than those having to do with zoning which are covered in the zoning regulations.
   (b)   The petitioner shall request the hearing in writing addressed to the Mayor, stating the purpose of the hearing, the objectives and the justification.
   (c)   A filing fee of ten dollars ($10.00) shall be paid to the City at the time of the request, no part of which is to be returned.
   (d)   After the hearing the petitioner shall be charged for the costs of the hearing to cover such costs as newspaper advertising of the hearing, and the costs of recording and transcribing the minutes of the hearing. Such charge shall be due and payable when the bill is rendered by the City.
   (e)   If requested, a copy of the minutes will be furnished the petitioner at cost.
(Ord. 77-6. Passed 3-21-77.)