The Civil Service of the City is hereby divided into the unclassified and classified service.
   (1)    The unclassified service shall include:
      (a)    All members of boards and commissions;
      (b)    All elective or appointive officers specifically provided for by this Charter, including but not limited to the members of Council, Clerk of Council, Mayor, Auditor, Solicitor, City Treasurer, and the Directors of Public Service and Safety.
      (c)    All heads of departments and divisions and one deputy or assistant to each department or division head;
      (d)    All assistants or deputies to the Solicitor and Clerk of Council, and the Auditor;
      (e)    One secretary to the Mayor and one secretary to the head of each department;
      (f)    All persons appointed to an office or position requiring professional or exceptional qualification as determined by the Council;
      (g)    All employees in unskilled labor positions;
      (h)    All part-time temporary or seasonal employees;
      (i)    Volunteer members of the Division of Fire and members of the auxiliary police unit within the Division of Police.
   (2)    The classified service shall comprise all positions not specifically included by this section as being in the unclassified service.