A.    In addition to the offices otherwise created by this Charter, the City shall have a Solicitor, a Department of Public Safety and a Department of Public Service and the Council shall provide by ordinance for the organization of such departments.
   B.    The Council may by ordinance provide for such other departments, divisions thereof, officers and employees as it may deem necessary and prescribe the organization, functions and duties thereof.
   C.    The Council may, subject to the other provisions of this Charter:
      (1)    Except as to the Solicitor, combine any departments, divisions and nonelective offices or positions;
      (2)    Authorize one person to occupy two or more nonelective offices or positions or serve in any capacity in two (2) or more departments or divisions;
      (3)    Authorize the Mayor or Auditor to be appointed to and serve in one or more nonelective offices or positions in addition to his elective office and be compensated for such service in such additional office, position, offices or positions. Such additional compensation shall not be subject to any limitations provided in this Charter pertaining to increases or decreases of the compensation of such officers. If the Mayor is authorized by legislation of Council to serve in any such additional nonelective office or position, no appointment to such office or position shall be required as otherwise provided by this Charter and the Mayor's occupancy of such office or position may be terminated by affirmative vote of a majority of the members of Council;
      (4)    Abolish any department, division, board, commission, nonelective office or position unless the continuation of such office or position is specifically required by this Charter.