The Mayor shall attend Council meetings, but shall have no vote therein. He shall have the right to recommend and introduce legislation, and to take part in the discussion of all matters coming before Council.
   Every ordinance or resolution adopted by Council shall be signed by the President of Council or other presiding officer, attested by the Clerk of Council, and presented promptly to the Mayor for consideration before it goes into effect. If the Mayor approves such ordinance or resolution, he shall sign and return it to the Clerk of Council within ten (10) days after its adoption by Council, but if he does not approve it, he shall return it to Council within said ten (10) days with his written objections by delivery to the Clerk of Council, which objections shall be entered in full on the journal of the Council. The Mayor may approve or disapprove the whole or any item of an ordinance or resolution appropriating money, but other otherwise his approval or disapproval shall be addressed to the entire ordinance or resolution. If he does not return an ordinance or resolution within said ten (10) day period, it shall take effect in the same manner as if he had signed it. When the Mayor has disapproved an ordinance or resolution, or a part of item thereof as herein provided, the Council shall, not later than its next regular meeting, proceed to reconsider it, and, if upon reconsideration the ordinance or resolution or part or item thereof be approved by the affirmative vote of five (5) of the members of Council, it shall then take effect as if it had received the approval of the Mayor.