(a)   Duly authorized agents of the Waverly Mayor's Court may accept payment by credit of fines, fees, costs, and other charges assessed by the Mayor's Court that shall include a nonrefundable processing fee equal to three percent (3%) of the total amount paid by credit card to be due and payable at the time of the payment;
   (b)   No person making any payment by credit card to a Village of Waverly entity shall be relieved from liability for the underlying obligation except to the extent that the Village entity realizes final payment of the underlying obligation in cash or its equivalent; provided however, if final payment is not made by the credit card issuer or other guarantor of payment in the transaction, then the underlying obligation shall survive and the Village entities shall retain all remedies for enforcement that would have applied if the transaction had not occurred;
   (c)   The remedies and procedures provided in this section are in addition to any other available civil or criminal remedies provided by law;
   (d)   A Village of Waverly official or employee who accepts or otherwise mandates a credit card payment in accordance with this section, court order, or Ohio law shall be immune from personal liability and shall be entitled to defense by the Village.
(Res. 49-2016. Passed 8-2-16.)