Any person who has been summoned or otherwise ordered by the Mayor's Court to appear before said court, who fails to appear and for whom a warrant has been issued requiring such appearance shall pay a warrant fee of $50.00 in addition to any other cost, fine, and/or fees which may be assessed by ordinance. The Mayor's Court shall collect such warrant fee as part of the money judgment entered against said defendant, and which sum shall be distributed as follows: (a) one-half of the warrant fee shall be retained by the Mayor's Court to defray the costs of a warrant clerk and/or staff's time for the issuance and processing of warrants; and (b) one-half of the warrant fee shall be disbursed to the Waverly Police Department to defray the cost associated with processing and serving Mayor's Court warrants.
(Ord. 39-2016. Passed 6-21-16.)