(a)   All production or copying of public records or documents requests shall be in writing and specific to which documents are being requested and shall be signed and dated by the person making the request.
   (b)   All complete requests shall be established by department, and, once submitted, be completed by said department and available within reasonable time after the request has been submitted. Copies of public records requested will be charged a fee of (25¢) per page. In addition, all other media, including but not limited to, digital format, commercially processed photographs, CDs, DVDs, digital copies, audio tapes, maps, blueprints, and diagrams shall be billed based upon the actual production cost of obtaining copies.
   (c)   Village public officials, employees, and personnel shall have access to free copying of appropriate Village public records used in the normal course of their work duties for the Village.
(Ord. 51-2015. Passed 8-18-15.)