(a)    The owner(s) or occupant, with written permission of the owner(s), of any parcel of land within the City who desires to construct or erect a dish antenna on such parcel shall first obtain a permit therefor from the City.
   (b)    The City shall issue such permit provided the applicant submits a written application along with a plot plan of the lot or a parcel of land, showing the exact location of the proposed dish antenna, the location of all existing buildings on the lot or parcel, a description of the kind of dish antenna proposed, and complete construction plans and specifications showing proposed methods of installation, structural engineering analysis, including proper grounding and the elevation of the proposed dish antenna upon completion.
   (c)    The applicant shall also present documentation of the possession of any license required by any Federal, State or local agency pertaining to the ownership and/or operation of dish antennas. 
(Ord. 19-85.  Passed 6-3-85.)