(a)    Location. All required loading berths shall be located on the same zoning lot as the use served. No loading berth for vehicles over two tons capacity shall be closer than fifty feet to any property in a residence district unless completely enclosed by building walls, or a uniformly painted solid fence or wall, or any combination thereof, not less than six feet in height. No permitted or required loading berth shall be located within twenty-five feet of the nearest point of intersection of any two streets.
   (b)    Size. Unless otherwise specified, a required loading berth shall be at least ten feet in width by at least twenty-five feet in length, exclusive of aisles and maneuvering space, and shall have a vertical clearance of at least fourteen feet.
   (c)    Access. Each required off-street loading berth shall be designed with appropriate means of vehicular access to a street or alley in a manner which will least interfere with traffic movements.
   (d)    Surfacing. All open off-street loading berths shall be improved with a compacted macadam base, not less than seven inches thick, surfaced with not less than two inches of asphaltic concrete or some comparable all-weather dustless material.
   (e)    Vehicle Repair and Service Prohibited. No motor vehicle repair work or service of any kind shall be permitted in conjunction with loading facilities provided in any residence or business districts.
   (f)    Loading Spaces Are in Addition to Parking Spaces. Space allocated to any off- street loading berth shall not, while so allocated, be used to satisfy the space requirements for any off-street parking facilities or portions thereof.
   (g)    Special Exceptions. For special exceptions, other than prescribed for hereinafter, loading berths adequate in number and size to serve such uses, as determined by the Zoning Administrator, shall be provided.
   (h)    Loading Facilities for Small Buildings. Uses for which off-street loading facilities are required herein but which are located in buildings of less floor area than the minimum prescribed for such required facilities shall be provided with adequate receiving facilities off any adjacent alley, service drive or open space on the same lot which is accessible by motor vehicle.
(Ord. 10-16-67. Passed 11-20-67.)