(a)    Open and Enclosed Parking Spaces. Accessory parking spaces located on the same lot as occupied by the use served may be open to the sky or enclosed in a building. Accessory parking spaces located in a residence district elsewhere than on the same lot occupied by the use served shall be open to the sky except when otherwise allowed as a special exception.
   (b)    Surfacing. All open off-street parking areas, except a single parking space accessory to a one-family dwelling, shall be improved with a compacted macadam base, not less than four inches thick, surfaced with asphaltic concrete or some comparable all-weather dustless material.
   (c)    Screening and Landscaping. All open automobile parking areas containing more than four parking spaces shall be effectively screened on each side adjoining or fronting on any property situated in a residence district, or any institutional premises, by a wall, fence or densely planted compact hedge not less than five feet nor more than seven feet in height. Such required screening shall conform with the front and side yard setback requirements of the district in which the parking is located.
   (d)    Lighting. Any lighting used to illuminate off-street parking areas shall be directed away from residential properties in such a way as not to create a nuisance.
   (e)    Signs. Accessory signs are permitted on parking areas.
   (f)   Vehicle Repair and Service Prohibited. No motor vehicle repair work of any kind shall be permitted in conjunction with accessory off-street parking facilities provided in a residence district. The sale of gasoline and motor oil in conjunction with accessory off-street parking facilities is not permitted in any residence district.
(Ord. 10-16-67. Passed 11-20-67.)