Whenever a lawfully existing building or other structure otherwise conforms to the use regulations of this Zoning Ordinance, but is nonconforming only in the particular manner hereinafter specified, the building and use thereof shall be exempt from the requirements of Sections 1153.04 and 1153.05.
   (a)    In any residence district, where a dwelling is nonconforming only as to the number of dwelling units it contains, provided no such building shall be altered in any way so as to increase the number of dwelling units therein.
   (b)    In any residence district, where a use permitted in the B-1 District occupies ground floor space within a multiple family dwelling located on a corner lot.
   (c)    In any business or manufacturing district, where the use is less distant from a residence district than that specified in the regulations for the district in which it is located.
   (d)    In any district, where an established building, structure or use is nonconforming with respect to the standards prescribed in this Zoning Ordinance for any of the following:
      (1)    Floor area ratio;
      (2)    Yards: front, side, rear or transitional;
      (3)    Off-street parking or loading;
      (4)    Lot area;
      (5)    Building height;
      (6)    Gross floor area.
(Ord. 10-16-67. Passed 11-20-67.)