Any use established hereafter in any Residence or Business District shall be so operated as to comply with the performance standards set forth as follows:
   (a)    Noise.  Sound levels shall be measured with a sound level meter and associated  octave band filter manufactured according to standards prescribed by the American National Standards Institute, Inc. Measurements shall be made using the flat network of the sound level meter. Impulsive-type noises shall be subject to the performance standards hereinafter prescribed provided that such noises are capable of being accurately measured with sound equipment. Noises capable of being so measured, for the purpose of this Zoning Ordinance, shall be those  noises which cause rapid fluctuations of the needle of the sound level meter with a variation of no more than plus or minus two decibels. Noises incapable of being so measured, such as those of an irregular or intermittent nature, shall be controlled so as not to become a nuisance to adjacent uses.
   At no point either on the boundary of a residence district or a business district or at 125 feet from the nearest property line of a plant or operation, whichever distance is greater, shall the sound pressure level of an individual operation or plant, other than the operation of motor vehicles and other transportation facilities, exceed the decibel levels at the designated octave bands shown here for the districts indicated:
               Maximum Permitted Sound Level
                   Along Boundaries, or 125 Feet
              From Plant or Operation Property Line
                                   (in decibels)       
Octave Band          Residence    Business
Cycles per Second       Districts    Districts
0 to 75            67         73
75 to 150            62         68
150 to 300            58         64
300 to 600            54         60
600 to 1,200            49         55
1,200 to 2,400         45         51
2,400 to 4,800         41         47
Above 4,800            37         43
(Adopting Ordinance)